About Us

Dolphin International Granites Pvt Ltd

Our Quarry Site at Ilkal

Dolphin International, an export oriented Rough Granite Blocks Manufacturing Company, is engaged in quarrying and production of Indian Red Granite Blocks for more than 20 years!

Operating its 3 big Red Granite Quarries situated in Purthagere and Kadur Villages near Ilkal town in North Karnataka, India, it has been producing and supplying Red Rough Granite Blocks to China and other South East Asian Countries of the world like Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore etc., successfully for over 2 decades.


Full details of our facilities can be found inside our website. Our facility

Importance of Granite & Marble in World history till date

For centuries now, Granite and Marble known for their Vanity, Grandeur, Beauty etc., are being used in various constructions, monumental & artisan works.    The fact that world’s greatest historical monuments are either built in Marble or Granite and their present demand in all quality constructions, show their indispensable role in the past as well as today.  Granite and Marble due to  their toughness and strength, are used almost in every building and construction needs  ranging from, flooring, cladding, kitchen tops & platforms, bathrooms, pavements to show pieces such as statues, idols, vases, fountains, furniture etc.,  and Dolphin International is here to provide the TOP QUALITY  RED GRANITE BLOCKS to world!


Begining & Evolution

Started in the year 1987 under the name and style of “ NATIONAL GRANITES” at ILKAL in North Karnataka, India, it has paved its way to success in the granite field by sheer dedication to the pursuit of quality granite materials, adding ancillaries to it over the decade and by the name DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL since 1995 to its present status, DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL GRANITES PVT. LTD., a name to reckon with in granite industry today.

Starting with a humble production of 25 to 30CBM per month and having reached a monthly production turnover of 1000CBM!!of Ilkal Red Granite Blocks now, Dolphin International is recognized as one of the biggest Red Granite Blocks producing companies by China and other Countries of world today.