Our Machinery & Equipments

Dolphin has state of the art Machinery & Equipments required for DRILLING, CUTTING,  EXCAVATING & SHIFTING of Granite Blocks as follows:


ManualJack Hammers
SandvikDC 120 Hydraulic Drilling Units
Perofora rock Buggy Hydraulic drilling units
LD4 Rock Drills Etc

Volvo crawler excavator 480DL & Mass Excavation at Quary site


For  Excavcating -Excavators of volvo  & Hitachi make

Excavators are used  for digging, pulling & pushing  the boulder rocks etc., during excavation for the production of granite blocks.

Quarrying, mass excavation, as well as shifting of  blocks extracted are done by the Excavators




Wheell loader L 220F
For Loading- Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader is used for scooping, digging, dumping in mining granites  & carrying  the blocks to loading points.

 They are elephant size and of immense help to haul the blocks from the pits to ground level  and
faster movement of the blocks around the quarry and to loading points.




Sandvik drilling machine in operation & Perfora rocky buggy drilling machine
Sandvik DC 120 & Perfora Rock buggy hydrualic drilling Machines

All the Vertical & Horizontal Drilling work involved in granite quarrying and mining are
taken care by these efficient pneumatic & hydraulic drilling machines.





Compressors & Mannual jack hammers in operation




Compressor & manual jack Hammers

Jack Hammers are used for surface drilling, blasting & stone cutting in mining
& quarrying operations.


Diamond wire saw mill operation



For Cutting- Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Machines along with the Diamond Wires are used in the initial excavation processes  of all Vertical & Horizontal Cutting, Shaping & Block Dressing of  Granite blocks  with minimum wastage, accurate cut and regular shapes.



. Our Transportation