Dolphin Team

Quarry Staff
Dolphin is manned by efficient manpower to carry on day to day operations of the Company while technically proficient workforce work round the clock in Quarries to meet timely quality production targets.                

Dolphin Quarry Team

A team of more than 150 skilled management staff comprising of General Manager, Mines Managers, Production Manager, Foremen, Supervisors, Certified Blasters, Trained Excavator Operators, Trained Drilling Staff etc., run the day to day operations of the Quarries in a professional manner.

Dolphin quarry office cum guesthouse also store room


Quarry Office Cum Guest House

Dolphin has fully airconditioned  Office cum Guest House in the Quarry.

More than 20 Staff  work in the Quarry Office in co-ordination with Ilkal Office & Bangalore Office  Staff, to assist the  day to day Quarry operations. 

Dolphin Guest House is provided with all necessary facilities  for the Clients who come from China and other countries abroad for resting and relaxation and even to cook their own food to make their stay comfortable and homely.

Dolphin Quarry Store.

The Basement of Dolphin Quarry Office cum Guest House which is 2500sq.ft in area stores all the inventory items of Machinery Spare Parts of Excavators & Drilling Machines like Excavator Spares, Drill Rods, Jack Hammer Spares etc,, required for the continuous supply and non-stop production in Quarries.



ILKAL Main office

The  day to day administration, purchases, inventory management and logistics operations of  Quarries  are managed by the Ilkal Main Office Staff.

Around 10 people work in Ilkal office in co-ordination with Quarry Office and Bangalore office Staff and play a crucial role in connecting the remote Quarry office  to  Bangalore Office.



Bangalore Office


Bangalore Office

Bangalore office being the main administrative office, highly efficient and experienced staff look after the smooth administration, accounts & banking, statutory compliance & export-import management of the company in co-ordination with lkal and Quarry Offices.




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