Dolphin Vision & Mission

Our Quarry Site at Ilkal

Dolphin International in the pursuit of great vision to be the pioneers in Granite raw blocks quarrying & supplies to the world, has identified and purchased lands rich in Red Granite of top quality and colour to the extent of 60 acres with a potential mine life of over 50 years!, which would yield productions for the next 50 years or more!

Dolphin International, having recognized the growing demand for red granite materials in India and abroad, especially in countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand etc, where red color is considered holy and auspicious, has identified and purchased rarest lands with rich red Granite deposits of best quality and colour.
Rapid economic and Industrial Growth in China & India has paved the way for Infrastructural expansion  in roads, public transports, sky scrapers etc.

As a result, Granite polishing factories have mushroomed in various Chinese cities and towns as well, amongst them “SOWETO” near Xiamen is the major hub with hundreds of Granite and Marble cutting and polishing factories doing a fantastic job of  cutting, polishing of all the available  Granite and Marble in the world!

China supplies the major share of finished products of Granite & Marble to most of the countries over the globe and India is a major raw material provider for all these factories supplying various colors of  Rough Granite Blocks like, Brown, Black, Red, etc.

And we are proud to say that Dolphin International is one of the major red granite blocks suppliers to China!!


To be the Highest Rough Granite Blocks Producer among the competitors both in terms of quality and quantity,
To quarry and produce various other color granite blocks along with red granites in India,
To supply Granite Blocks to more countries by increasing the production.